Boondi Laddoo - 10-12 pieces


  • For the sugar syrup: 1.5 cups of sugar, 3/4 cup of water.

  • For the batter: 1.5 cups of gram flour (kadala maavu), approximately 1+1/4 cup of water, 2 pinches of crushed saffron strands or powder, 1/2 teaspoon cardamom powder, and 2 whole cardamoms, a pinch of Pacha Karpooram.

  • Ghee

  • Oil for deep frying.


  • To make the sugar syrup: Place a pan on the stove on low flame. Add sugar and water. Keep stirring the mix till you get a one-thread consistency (take the syrup in the ladle, pick with your thumb and index finger, and move them apart to see if you get this consistency). Once done, keep this Sugar Syrup/Chakkarai Paagu aside.

  • The sugar syrup needs to be hot when the boondis are added, hence place the syrup in a bowl which is placed on a hot water tray/plate.

  • Add the cardamom powder, whole cardamoms, pacha karpooram and ghee to the syrup.

  • To make the batter for boondis: Put the gram flour and saffron in a mixing bowl.

  • Add water to make it a smooth batter. The consistency of the batter is important for the right shape and size of the laddoos. To test it, add the batter to hot oil and check the shape that comes. If they emerge flat, the batter is too thin and if they have bulged ends, it is too thick. To correct it add more gram flour if thin, or more water if thick. Repeat the test till the boondi is round and soft.

  • To make the boondis: Heat oil in a thick-bottom kadai. Place a dry and perforated ladle above the hot oil (ensure the height is not too close to cause oil burns or not too far causing a splutter in the oil).

  • Pour the batter onto the perforated ladle using a deep spoon and spread over the holes.

  • You can add 3 rounds of boondi in the same batch (medium-sized ladle).

  • Check for the colour of the boondi and fry till the oil stops bubbling. Have a test batch to check for the texture, over-frying can make it too crispy and difficult to absorb the syrup, and under-frying would mean under-cooked.

  • Drain the oil completely once the batch is cooked well using another perforated ladle. and add them directly to the hot sugar syrup.

  • Complete all the batches of boondis and add to the syrup before making the laddoos.

  • Ensure to clean the perforated ladle used for pouring the batter before making the next batch to avoid lumps.

  • Allow this mix to come to a lukewarm temperature to make the laddoos.

  • To make the laddoos: Once the boondi is mixed well with the sugar syrup, shape it into small or medium-sized balls. Grease your palms with ghee to help bind them together without sticking.

  • As preferred, cashews, raisins or almond slices can also be used to garnish.

  • Serve boondi laddoos warm and fresh. You can store them in an airtight container for a day or two without refrigerating, but beyond that, you will have to place them in the fridge to stay fresh. Personally, laddoos from the refrigerator don't taste the same, so gobble them up quickly!